Become a Member

First Capitol Restaurant Association brings improved buying power to our members. We advocate for product incentives and business opportunities with desired food and food service vendors, in support of our members’ ability to sustain and grow their restaurants.

Who We Are

Since the founding of the restaurant association in 1994, we have built a strong reputation in the business community, gaining the respect and bargaining power needed for a competitive edge in the pricing of supplies and services used by our members in the restaurant business. FCRA has negotiated contracts with various suppliers to equip members with preferred pricing and services not obtainable by non-affiliated restaurants.

As an FCRA member, you receive the benefits afforded in these contracts.

FCRA uses purchasing power to drive food and food service manufacturer savings and rebates to our members, so members can focus their efforts on their businesses.

Trusted Vendors

FCRA works with high-quality and trusted vendors, including Pepsi, Sysco, Ettline and Feeser’s, to bring food buyers more bang for their buck, while presenting new opportunities for cost savings as they arise.


FCRA, through size and strength, allows food buyers to be heard as one collective voice, giving them a base to negotiate contracts with suppliers and guaranteeing better pricing structure. With the purchasing power of FCRA behind your business, you can spend less time looking for cost savings, and more time growing and empowering your business.

With over 200 member restaurants, the association has grown to be one of the most powerful in the Pennsylvania region. In this way, small single-location restaurants enjoy the same purchasing power as large franchises.

Manufacturing Rebates

We use a streamlined process for guaranteeing our members receive the best manufacturing rebates and savings. There’s nothing like getting a check in the mail for ordering the same food you’ve been purchasing for years.